Sunday, July 19, 2009

The New Car

The first car for most, means freedom and independence. For me, no more 5AM Saturday morning wake up calls to drive my darling son to work. I'm not sure who was happier. Luukas, my 17 year old son, or me. After two months of glorious freedom Luukas wrote off his car on a rainy evening. He rear ended another car. He was fine, everyone was o.k.. His poor car was headed for the auto wreckers and Luukas and I wondered if he would get a decent penny for it from the insurance company so he could buy another. And here, my friend, is where the story begins:

We got exactly $3556 and change for the wrecked car. Thank you Sarb. I had to call him and thank him personally for acting with such integrity. Sarb was happy to hear from us. He had recently bought another civic. The car had white shelby stripes, was lowered, new rims and a nice stereo. He thought this new civic would be perfect for Luukas. He told me he had often thought about making Luukas a new deal and exchange the white (read: boring) civic for the much cooler and sportier car.

Sarb had put some work into the new Honda Civic and was ready to sell it. The milage was good, he had all the service records and was kind enough to drive out from Burnaby so my mechanic could give it the thumbs up. We bought the 'cool civic' for a wee bit less than the other car. We didn't have to go through the hassle of calling and looking all over hells half acre for another reliable car. Yay.
Luukas loves his new car and yes, his insurance rates goes up (%55) in May 2010. However as far as lessons learned it didn't cost an arm and a leg figurativley and literally. Luukas may learn to slow down and me, I was reminded again how important it is to act with integrity. Always.


  1. Love the new car! Love your story about integrity! It's always the best way to go!

  2. good one!
    i just love how the good karma worked out !
    and we know that good karma comes out of good integrity!

    ps. email me your picture and i’ll crop it for you to fit the header...