Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The happy produce buzz first thing in the morning . . .

I shopped for my produce at my local farmers market ‘Howard Wong Farms’ yesterday. ‘Wongs’ is a bit of a drive out and there have been other produce markets that have sprouted up all over town and much closer to home but I do the drive and go to Wongs. The lettuce is the crispiest and the basil is always sweet and fresh.

Sept 2009 019

It’s fall so that means stacks of fresh picked apples of every variety. I walked up to the piles of apples, where a woman was filling her bag, and I asked her which apples were her favourite. We chatted about our favourite apple varieties and she told me all those apples made her want to start baking . . . apple pies, crisps . . . oh, to make the house smell of apples and cinnamon.

You know that juicy, sugary, caramelly, appley bit that always leaks from the crust of the apple pie and when you bite into that slice the perfect mixture of apple, crust and the candied bit that sticks to your teeth? Elixir of the gods.

Back to my shopping.

I started to fill my cart. A lovely butternut squash: homemade ravioli filled with squash or a big pot of soup. Pie pumkins: Pies for thanksgiving just around the corner and lots of ornamental gourds to throw haphazardly around my house in an attempt to decorate for the fall season.

Sept 2009 022

Next, I walked into the large market and the intoxicating smell of fresh produce and herbs hit my senses. It was hard to stop this crazy and immediate impulse to throw myself onto the fragrant greens, earthy potatoes, sweet peppers and scoop it all up, inhale –and possibly nuzzle.

I contained myself. I was picking out some fresh dill when the same woman I chatted with earlier, walked by me and whispered, “ I just want to buy everything” I smiled, nodded and said . . .

“Me too.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Bargain Hunting is Old News

The economy was the big news a while back and it was all everyone was talking about. People stopped shopping. We all hid in our living rooms huddled around our televisions eating baked beans and wondering: is our job next on the chopping block? You know it’s getting bad when Anna Wintour has to travel to the Macys in Queens to promote ‘fashions night out’. (is she allowed to leave the big island?) I have to admit I was worried. I asked my husband daily if it looked like his work would be slowing down. . . “honey, do we need to tighten our belts?” (yet?)


A weekly news magazine, Macleans, came in the mail, and I read the most interesting interview with Pollster John Wright. Among other juicy tidbits he talks about the economy. Wright says: “Concern about the economy rose from 30 per cent to over 60 per cent at the end of December, stayed fairly high in January and February, but then dropped significantly in March. What interrupted it (talk of the economy) was talk about swine flu.. .” Then there was the second interruption: “Michael Jackson’s death. I don’t want to sound cavalier, but when there was a lack of media focus on the stock market and the fallout from financial institutions, confidence rose significantly.”

Ahhh . . . relief. As long as the media isn’t constantly commenting on how bad the economy is we’re better off. Listen up everyone: Stop watching the news. It’s not worth it. Entertainment value only.


Now, imagine If they found Elvis hanging out in some bar in Alberta. That would make some serious headlines and the economy would make a complete recovery. We could go shopping again ( and pay full price) ! Hurray! Champagne for everyone !

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Perfect Storm

I was out and about the other day and hungry so I go to Wendys' drive thru to get a salad, a big cup of Coke Zero and a side of fries. I pay the woman, collect my food, and I pull over in the parking lot. I unbuckle Noah out of his car seat and we settle in to eat our snack. I take my salad and large fries out of the bag and I realize I have no fork and knife.


I consider eating my salad with my fingers but the napkins are also missing so I decide to go back and get some utensils and napkins. I pull out of the parking spot to go back to the Wendys drive thru window to get a fork/knife set. Just as I'm pulling out,looking behind me for cars, and steering so I have no free hand(s). . . . My dear sweet Noah, reaches for the big, full cup of coke and spills it. The full, heavy cup, slippery with condensation, the cup with the lid that barely snaps on, slips out of his little hands and falls, upside down, straight into my purse. No big splash, no mess on the van floor, because my purse caught the whole huge cup of coke. My purse was open just so. My purse and Noahs' 'sleight' of hand. A perfect storm.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lions and Tigers oh My !

Aaron was moving the furniture around so the carpets could be cleaned the other day. He went into Noah’s room and started to move some of the furniture into the hallway. Noah was on top of everything and following daddy's every move.

Noahs’ bed is on a metal frame so once Aaron got the mattress and box spring off the frame, leaving the floor exposed, I head Noah exclaim in complete seriousness: “Daddy, there are NO tigers under the bed ! ”

015Noah dressed as a tiger for Halloween October 2008

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who’s got Excalibur now?



I’m in love with Americas’ new president. I know, I know. Who isn’t? Many Americans are wearing the t-shirts and ball caps. When I first saw Barack on Oprah years ago. I wondered: who is this guy with the weird name? . . . .  those Americans will never vote for a black President. Then history happened, a miracle. This well spoken, intelligent, African American man became President.

I still reserved my judgement. Once the swearing in celebrations were over and the last of the confetti was swept up I wondered, would this ‘politician’ follow through? While reading my morning paper today I was converted. Obama gave a speech Yesterday that blew me away: John Whitesides writes in ‘The Province’ Newspaper of Obamas speech:

‘Obama said: “The time for bickering is over”. and called for quick action on comprehensive health care overhaul that would dramatically transform the U.S. health system and health market. Obama issued a sharp rebuke to critics of his healthcare drive, accusing them of substituting scare tactics for honest debate. “I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it’s better politics to kill this plan than improve it”. ‘

Obama was heckled last night during his speech. Obama has been criticised and called a socialist but he won’t back down. Until a bill that makes healthcare accessible to every American, crosses the finish line, Obama will not give up. If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is.

It is right and true that healthcare reform happens in America. Obama will not be intimidated my big insurance/big pharma or political conservatives. “The time for bickering IS over”. Wow, o.k. where do I sign up?

“ . . .  Arthur had obtained a magical sword from The Lady Of The Lake. This sword was called 'Excalibur" and with this weapon he vanquished many foes.”


Maybe Camelot hasn’t come to an untimely end after all.