Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Bargain Hunting is Old News

The economy was the big news a while back and it was all everyone was talking about. People stopped shopping. We all hid in our living rooms huddled around our televisions eating baked beans and wondering: is our job next on the chopping block? You know it’s getting bad when Anna Wintour has to travel to the Macys in Queens to promote ‘fashions night out’. (is she allowed to leave the big island?) I have to admit I was worried. I asked my husband daily if it looked like his work would be slowing down. . . “honey, do we need to tighten our belts?” (yet?)


A weekly news magazine, Macleans, came in the mail, and I read the most interesting interview with Pollster John Wright. Among other juicy tidbits he talks about the economy. Wright says: “Concern about the economy rose from 30 per cent to over 60 per cent at the end of December, stayed fairly high in January and February, but then dropped significantly in March. What interrupted it (talk of the economy) was talk about swine flu.. .” Then there was the second interruption: “Michael Jackson’s death. I don’t want to sound cavalier, but when there was a lack of media focus on the stock market and the fallout from financial institutions, confidence rose significantly.”

Ahhh . . . relief. As long as the media isn’t constantly commenting on how bad the economy is we’re better off. Listen up everyone: Stop watching the news. It’s not worth it. Entertainment value only.


Now, imagine If they found Elvis hanging out in some bar in Alberta. That would make some serious headlines and the economy would make a complete recovery. We could go shopping again ( and pay full price) ! Hurray! Champagne for everyone !


  1. Great post (as always) I agree, the media sets it up, better that they have as many distractions as possible!

  2. So true - i avoid all talk of death, destruction and depression and am the happier and more confident for it.

  3. Hey, where exactly is the new post I was coming over here for :) Thanks for your comment!

  4. It's coming . . I gotta take some pictures first . .

  5. awesome post anita! soo true!