Monday, September 14, 2009

The Perfect Storm

I was out and about the other day and hungry so I go to Wendys' drive thru to get a salad, a big cup of Coke Zero and a side of fries. I pay the woman, collect my food, and I pull over in the parking lot. I unbuckle Noah out of his car seat and we settle in to eat our snack. I take my salad and large fries out of the bag and I realize I have no fork and knife.


I consider eating my salad with my fingers but the napkins are also missing so I decide to go back and get some utensils and napkins. I pull out of the parking spot to go back to the Wendys drive thru window to get a fork/knife set. Just as I'm pulling out,looking behind me for cars, and steering so I have no free hand(s). . . . My dear sweet Noah, reaches for the big, full cup of coke and spills it. The full, heavy cup, slippery with condensation, the cup with the lid that barely snaps on, slips out of his little hands and falls, upside down, straight into my purse. No big splash, no mess on the van floor, because my purse caught the whole huge cup of coke. My purse was open just so. My purse and Noahs' 'sleight' of hand. A perfect storm.


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  1. I remember that story, and it was a good one! Great picture of the little darling as well :)