Friday, August 14, 2009

spaghetti sauce and sex

My most wonderful and loving husband made spaghetti sauce the other night. It was for a camping potluck dinner.


It was a nice sauce. Compliments all around. It’s the next night that it really got good.

I was out having a couple of drinks with some friends. I got back and my sweetie was re heating the sauce and adding cheese. Not any old cheese my friends, it was plastic cheese. It’s what we call Kraft cheese slices. We are sure it can’t be real cheese but it’s really good. My sexy husband was re heating the sauce and noodles while adding cheese. I had had one too many drinks and all I wanted to do was slurp up some of that pasta.


I’d get to my hubby later.

I couldn’t wait for a plate so I asked him for a bite straight from the pot. The most delicious, savoury cheesy goodness melted in my mouth. It’s sitting on the stove now waiting for the fridge. I have gone back for seconds and thirds. The meaty thick sauce with the added cheesy goodness. I love my husband.

Give me another bite. Please. A Big forkful. Yum. My butt dimples thank you. The ultimate buzz worthy snack.

I may get through camping this week after all.

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  1. That is a totally adorable photo of the two of you! No one else could possibly make kraft cheese slices sound that good!