Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another day in the life . . .


The other day I slaved over a delicious vegetarian dish. Lentils, cheese, veggies . .  this stuff was good. mmmmm . . . . . Here’s the thing with granola muncher cooking: it’s a lot of prep and work. First, cook the lentils. Chop up veggies, fry them up, grate the cheese . . . toast and grind cumin seeds and put all ingredients into a separate cooking dish  .  cover with foil . . . add boiling water into crock pot so the dish is in a bath . . . lid does not fit onto slow cooker because said dish is too big . . . find lid to fit the crock pot allow to simmer for a few hours . . .  THEN feed to finicky child(ren).

Finicky child: ewwww this is too chewy what’s all the crunchy stuff?

Dec 01 2009 037

Me: It’s toasted almonds in this delicious lentil casserole that I spent most of the morning to make . . .

Finicky child: Gross. Can I have a grilled cheese sandwich on white?

Me: Make your own sandwich I cooked dinner if you don’t like it too bad . . .

Finicky child ( after rolling eyes, stomping feet and moaning, groaning and more whining) pleeeease can you make me a grilled cheese?

Me: No. 

The lentil casserole was delicious by the way.

Next evening I get home late, throw some breakfast sausages, onions, carrots and potatoes in a pan, dump olive oil, salt and pepper all over it, bake @ 400 degrees for about 40 minutes or so.

Finicky Child: mmmmm this is the best . . .  not crunchy and mmmm the potatos taste like french fries mmmmm this is sooo good . . . as said child collapes into food bliss . . .

Dec 01 2009 041

. . . . I have no words . . . . Ungrateful buggers . . . .

And, yes, isn’t my new nephew adorable?


  1. I feel your pain. My son is a vegetarian for 15 years now. I should have stock in tofu!
    . . . . and yes . . . your nephew is beautiful!
    Enjoy your Holidays!

  2. My new nephew is so adorable!! Thanks for posting those pics :)