Friday, December 25, 2009

Why I love Christmas

Santa, Santa and one more Santa: I love the magic of Santa. To re live a time through our small children who still believe that magical Santa is real and reindeer do fly is one of the best parts of Christmas. Reminds me not to take everything so seriously all the time!

Breakfast With Santa Dec. 2009 027

Breakfast with Santa at Newlands Golf and Country Club

Christmas 2009 021

Christmas Eve Santa at Aunties’ house

We visited two more Santas. One at the mall and Santa even made it to pre-school. Noah questioned the many Santas and he decided the Santa at the mall was the REAL Santa and would be the one delivering presents.

The Christmas tree:

I love Christmas trees. There is no right way to decorate a Christmas tree. Construction paper garlands made my little hands, popcorn cranberry strung up from top to bottom or crystal Tiffany's ornaments. Every tree is perfect in it’s dressed up glory for the season.


The Christmas tree at Cousin Leas’ home in Vernon

There was a time when there were no presents under my tree or hidden in the closet but when I sat by my Christmas tree, while my little son was sleeping, my worries seemed to disappear. The soft lights hid the stains on the worn carpet. The fresh pine smell mingled with fresh baked cookies reminded me to be thankful for my safe, warm home. My pretty angel sat on the prized spot at the top of the tree looking over us and singing:   

Dec 01 2009 014Dressed up in Christmas tree lights and garland while decorating the Christmas tree

“And on Earth Peace among men . . .” (Luke 2:14) and I was at peace because Christmas was never, in the end, about the shopping and ‘stuff’ it was and is a time to be thankful and feel blessed for everything I had, however little, so I went to bed to the tunes of angels singing and the magic and the blessings that is Christmas.


  1. The last photo is the best one!! I'm grateful that the ones of me taken spontaneously last night were left out of this post :)
    Happy Christmas sweet sister, fellow blogger!!

  2. What a beautiful post, Anita! Noah looks so cute! And as I was scrolling down, I was surprised to see a familiar looking tree! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Look forward to seeing you over the holidays!

  3. Tonight I sighed when watching the 11 o'clock news...with Sandi Rinaldo proclaiming that Dec 26 represented that 'Great Canadian Tradition' of Boxing Day sales.

    You've got the right idea, and Christmas and even the day after is not all about shopping. Your Noah looks like a happy kid, and he makes a delightful Christmas tree.

  4. Anita..this is so sweet! I adore this photo of your son wrapped in Christmas lights. What a funny and cute idea. He looks darling.

    It's funny how we let the Christmas get stressful and forget what it's really all about. Your post is a great reminder of that.

    Thanks for dropping by. Sorry you still have ice and snow. Do you know that my kids moved to Seattle, Wa. just this week. was so sad! I'm very happy for them, but it's sniff...sniff.. sad for me. I did a post this weekend with lots of last minute photos.

    I'm so glad to hear from you Anita. I was missing your sweet comments. :o)

    Hope you get your spring weather soon..ours comes way too early for my comfort. (Summer is always close on the heels of spring here.)