Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic Fever

The Olympic torch relay passed through Abbotsford today and we wanted to see the flame passing through our neighbourhood so we got dressed in our warm coats, packed the camera, and off we went. The moment we started walking towards the torch relay route I felt a little frisson of excitement. A part of history was passing by our town this evening and I couldn’t wait to see the Olympic flame.

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 039

Waiting for the relay . .  L to R Sister, My love, Stepson, Grandma, Grandpa, wee Markus in the carrier and Noah in the yellow shirt.

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 044

. . . . patiently hanging out in the drizzle

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 060

Next Runner waiting  . . .

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 061

Posing for pictures with Great Grandma . . .

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 079

. . .  Waiting

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 081

Here it comes !

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 082

Passing the Flame

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 083

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 084

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 085

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 086

Olympic Flame Feb 7 2010 087

I love the High Five!  The Joy on that woman's face is wonderful and oh so contagious. The Olympics are here how exciting is that?


  1. Oh I got all choked up looking at those pictures. Human beings doing wonderful things!!

    PS Is your sister Maria of Colour Me Happy?

  2. Yes, Maria is my sister. She's the one that told me to start blogging. (older sisters are bossy like that) We were sitting around in her yard last summer and she set upt his blog for me and told me to start writing. Who was I to argue with my big sister?

  3. Great post, I'm in a meeting at 3:30 Wednesday so I'm going to miss it coming through North Van, so it was fun to see it vicariously through you!!

  4. Anita, that made me laugh. I don't have sisters and kinda wish I did.

  5. Lots of fun! We saw - and touched - the torch too when it came through Vernon. Our entire TD staff was outside of the bank watching when it went by.

  6. I love Olympic fever! It's always my favorite time. I like watching the skiing.

  7. Oh my gosh that is so incredibly cool! I would be freaking out!