Monday, January 18, 2010

Dinner Table Cel Phone Etiquette


Dec 01 2009 054 Mmmmm foccacia dipped in balsamic and olive oil . . ., and no mom, that is not my phone ringing . . . I turned it off . . .

Dec 01 2009 058  . . . turning phone onto vibrate . . .

Dec 01 2009 060

Put your phone away before we get into trouble.

Dec 01 2009 061Trouble, Shmouble, Mom, Don’t you think my new ring tone is the coolest?

Dec 01 2009 062 Hmmm . . . gotta call the guys.

Dec 01 2009 063 Hey dudes! We’re Having dinner with the parents – so, where’s the party tonight?

Dec 01 2009 064

We can sneak out by ten – mom is usually crashed by then . . .


  1. That is adorable, love the commentary!

  2. soon enough, that won’t be just a post on a blog... ;)

  3. Really cute pictures! I wanted to let you know you were a winner in my photo giveaway! If you will send your address to me at...

    I will get your photo to you!

  4. Those boys have sure got the moves down pat. Adorable.

  5. Very funny! Lovely photos and great commentary. I miss those years laughing at the darnest things kids did!

  6. LOL!!! I love this cute!!!

  7. Those two are so cute!


  8. hahah anita you're so clever! I absolutely love this! best thing i've seen all week!


  9. These photos are so sweet and funny. I love them!

  10. Anita...not to seem lost here..but are these your children...or your sister, Elisabeth's?

    My granddaughter is so enamored of cell phones..and purses. She hitches her purse up on her shoulder like any self-respecting woman would do it..but she's only two which just kills me.

    You've captured the fun of little boys at the table so perfectly! It brings back so many memories of my FOUR little boys. Rebekah, my daughter, was a little gift of femininity in an otherwise ALL-Male house. She's so accustomed to antics like these that she's decided she only wants boys when she has kids. Too funny! But these photos show why...boys are so Fun!

    Great 'captions' too. They made me laugh out loud. :o)


  11. William, the dark haired one is my sister, Elizabeth's son and the other fair haired Noah, is my boy.