Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sappy Sunday Morning

I woke up this morning . . . happy, warm and cozily tucked in with two guys: one big and the other small, and I thought to myself, I love my life. I wanted to stay in bed for most of the morning and that’s just what we did.

January 16 099

I cooked up a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, toast topped with cheese and tomatoes, and a strawberry or two on the side. We added lots of Baileys to our coffees, tucked back into bed, and ate up our breakfast while watching a movie. 

January 16 101

I know, it’s sappy. But there is nothing better then Sunday morning in bed with food, my love and my sweet smelling child to make me feel, for a moment, that all is right in the world.

Eventually we got out of bed. The rambunctious child was insisting we get up and play with him. My love got up to watch football, small child found a pile of toys to throw about, I poked around in the fridge and found the apple pie I baked Friday night. The perfect dessert to munch on while blogging.

January 16 105 

mmmmmm apple pie held up in the perfect light by my ‘Eat Clean’ cookbook. All low fat, whole grain healthy food. No pie recipes. The cookbook encourages the use of organic produce and I used organic apples for the pie. . .  I’m happy to report that cookbook wasn’t a complete waste of money after all.

Have a sappy, happy Sunday.


  1. Great photography dear sister! I'm impressed! Love the feet and toes shot!

  2. Anita - I just LOVE your posts! They are posts that we all feel from the heart but you are able to capture the moments somehow and put them into words - you're amazing. And thank you for the posts you've been adding to my blog as well (inside the mind of a Color Specialist interview) They are much appreciated!
    Enjoy your Sundays and everydays

  3. really like your posts, you sound so happy and content, good for you!

  4. Anita..that tray would look perfect on my Tuesday Tea post! I wrote this week about what to do when you get 'overwhelmed' with too much to do. I thought you might like it. I'd so much love to 'borrow' that picture. It's just simply eloquent. :o)